2018 Celebrity Participants Lineup to be Announced Soon…


2017 Celebrity Alumni Participants

Lacey Agnew- LPGA

Flex Alexander – Actor/Comedian

Heather Angell – LPGA

James Arceneaux – Entertainment Industry

Josh Bell – MLB Pittsburgh Pirates

Travis Best – NBA Retired

Vida Blue – MLB Retired

John Bunting- Retired Coach UNC Chapel Hill

John Candelaria – MLB Retired

Frank Coonelly – Pittsburgh Pirates

Phillip Crosby – NFL Retired

Arthur Culbreath – Olympian

Thad Daber – 4-Time World One Club Champion

Kelly Edge – Designer from HGTV’S Decorating Cents

Alex English – NBA Retired

Andrew Givens – NFL Retired

Harvey Glance – Olympian & Coach

Harold Green- NFL Retired

Dwight Hicks – Actor

Clint Hurdle – Pirates Manager

Sonny Jackson– MLB Retired

Kirani James – Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, 200m







Brian Jordan – MLB Retired

Kevin Keatts – Head Basketball Coach at N.C. State

Cliff Levingston – Basketball Retired

Buddy Lewis – Actor/Comedian

Grady Little – Retired MLB Manager

Michael Merriweather- NFL Retired

Eddie Murray – MLB HOF

Richard Murray – MLB Retired

Al Oliver – MLB Retired

Larry Rivers – Globetrotters

Ron Robinson – MLB Retired

Rick Roden – Professional Golfer/ MLB Retired

Russ Rogers – Head Coach of Ohio State Track & Field

Richard Roundtree- Actor

Jerry Royster – MLB Retired

Sterling Sharpe – NFL Retired

Art Still – NFL Retired

Greg Vaughn – Baseball

Gus Williams – NBA Retired

Tony Womack – MLB Retired

Kevin Young – MLB Retired

Spud Webb – NBA Retired



Celebrity Alumni

Al Oliver – Retired MLB

Andrew Givens – Retired NFL

Anne Donovan – Basketball Coach

Art Still – Retired NFL

Arthur Culbreath – Olympian

Brian Jordan – Retired MLB

Bruce Kison – Retired MLB

Buddy Lewis – Actor/Comedian

Chris Kemoeatu – Retired NFL

Cliff Levingston – Retired NBA

Clint Hurdle – Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates

Cornelius Bennett – Retired NFL

Dane DeHaan – Actor

Dave Stewart – Diamondbacks Manager & Retired MLB

David Carpenter – Actor

David Mobley – Longest Drive Golf Champion

Dominic Santana – Actor

Donnell Woolford – Retired NFL

Dwight Hicks – Retired NFL

Ed “Too Tall” Jones – Retired NFL

Eddie Murray – MLB Hall of Fame

Franco Harris – NFL Hall of Fame

Frank Coonelly – Pittsburgh Pirates President

Gary Matthew – Retired MLB

George Williams – Track & Field Coach

Grady Little – Retired MLB

Grant Jackson – Retired MLB

Greg Lloyd – Retired NFL

Greg Vaughn – Retired MLB

Gus Williams – Retired NBA

Harvey Glance – Olympian, Coach

Heather Angell – Professional Golfer

James Arceneaux – Entertainment Industry

Jerome Bettis – NFL Hall of Fame

Jerry Royster – Retired MLB

Jim Nemeth – Retired NFL

Jim Rooker – Retired MLB

Joe Gallison – Actor

Joe Morgan – MLB Hall of Fame

John Bunting – Retired NFL & Coach

John Candelaria – Retired MLB

Jose Alvarez – Retired MLB

Kevin Keatts – UNCW Basketball

Kevin Young – Retired MLB

Kirani James – Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, 200m

Lacey Agnew – Professional Golfer

Larry Rivers – Harlem Globetrotters

Luis Clemente – Roberto Clemente Foundation

Maake Kemoeatu – Retired NFL

Manny Sanguillen – Retired MLB

Mel Pender – Olympian

Michael Dean Perry – Retired NFL

Muhsin Muhammad – Retired NFL

Ozzie Smith – MLB Hall of Fame

Phil Crosby – Retired NFL

Ralph Sampson – Retired NBA

Ray Durham – Retired MLB

Reggie Sanders – Retired MLB

Rennie Stennent – Retired MLB

Rich Murray – Retired MLB

Richard Roundtree – Actor

Roberto Clemente, Jr. – Roberto Clemente Foundation

Ron Robinson – Retired MLB

Russ Rogers – Coach, Ohio State Track & Field

Sonny Jackson – Retired MLB

Sterling Sharpe – Actor

Steve Blass – Retired MLB

Sydney Penny – Actress

Tony Womak – Retired MLB

Travis Best – Retired NBA

Vida Blue – Retired MLB

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